Cherry Tomatoes filled with Pesto
Cherry Tomatoes with Basil

Cherry Tomatoes filled with Pesto

Cherry Tomatoes filled with Pesto

These are super easy and most of the preparation can be done hours ahead. If the tomatoes are ripe and you have a good brand of pesto you guests will love them. They are a particular treat during the summer months when you can get really fresh and ripe tomatoes.

I usually have a small jar of homemade pesto in the freezer which is fantastic, because of course, they are better with homemade pesto. But there are one or two brands that work perfectly well for this.

Cherry Tomatoes with Basil

Cherry Tomatoes filled with Pesto

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Prep Time 20 mins
Total Time 20 mins
Course Canapés, Entertaining
Cuisine Canapes
Servings 20 canapes approx.


  • 1 small jar Pesto A better brand.
  • 1 or 2 plastic boxes Cherry Tomatoes They need to be ripe.


  • Take each small tomato and holding it upside down cut off a small lid. Do this to all of them on one go.
  • Using a small knife, spoon or a mellon baller and remove it pulpy center. As you do this place each one on a tray lined with a couple of layers of paper towels
  • Leave for a couple of minutes to drain. Then fill with small spoonfuls of pesto. Place the lid back on at an angle.
  • Super easy - no cooking and you can do the tomatoes hours before you need them - just refidgerate them. Then you can fill them an hour or two before serving.
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I don't have many canapes here. The ones I share are super quick, very tasty and most of all tasty. Your guests will appreciate the effort.

A Quick Note

I wanted to take a minute to say that I do try and weigh as many of the ingredients as I can. I think it helps make recipe results more consistent. Of course professional bakers even measure liquids by weight. I don't mind pulling out my little digital scale when I need to.