Bavette Pasta / Linguini Pasta

Other Names:
Linguini (small tongues)
Lingue di Passero (sparrow’s tongues)
The smaller version of this pasta is called Bavettine
Throughout Italy but a specialty of the Liguria region
Made with:
Outside of Italy, it is usually a factory manufactured convexly shaped pasta made with durum wheat, salt, and water.
Bavette was traditionally used in soups, today it is used with herb sauces such as pesto. It is also served with fish and or fish sauces such as tuna and capers. It gets a bit confusing here with so many similar types of pasta both fresh and factory made. The thin variety of Bavette is Bavettine, then there is Linguine (small tongues), lingue di passero (sparrow’s tongues),  linguettine, and tagliatelline. I find it terrific for seafood sauces that are a bit thinner like vongole (tiny clams) and other wet sauces. It is also good like linguini with pesto.
bavette pasta

Bavette Pasta

assorted long pastas

1. Cappellini, 2. Spaghettini, 3. Spaghetti, 4. Spaghettoni, 5. Bucatini, 6. Bavette

Source: Encyclopedia of Pasta, Oretta Zanini De Vita, Univ of Calif. Press
Photo Credit: Bill Rubino