Fusili con Bucotti Pasta


Other Names:
Fusilli Avellinesi, see bottom photo
Throughout Italy
Made with:
Manufactured is made with water and durum wheat. The flat variety is made by rolling a ribbon of pasta around a stick
When it comes to the curly or twisted varieties of pasta which come in these corkscrew shapes things get particularly complicated they all seem to come somewhere close to Spirali, meaning spiral shaped. On the package both from Italy, THEY both had exactly the same name but definitely not the same shape. I think that is because they are basically from different regions in Italy. Fusilli should be corkscrew shaped not propeller-shaped. So the top photo is an authentic version.
Fusilli con Bucotti pasta

Fusilli con Bucotti

Spirali, Fusilli. Eliche, Eliodali, Rotini Pasta

Spirali, Fusilli. Eliche, Eliodali, Rotini Pasta

Photo Credit: Bill Rubino