Fidelini Pasta

Other Names:
Capelli d´angelo (Angle Hair)
Capelvenere (Venus’ Hair)
Sopra Capellini
Region: Liguria, available in Italy but not very often found outside. But sold as Capellini & Capelli d´angelo.
Made with: Manufactured Fidelini is made with water, salt and durum wheat.
About: The origins of this type of pasta are said to be from the Genoa area, in Ciociara, and in the Naples area. It is a long pasta with a round section slightly thinner than Vermicelli. Serve with fat-based sauces, such as olive oil and anchovies, or butter-based sauces, or light tomato sauces.

capellini pasta

Capellini, Fidelini

assorted long pastas

1. Cappellini, 2. Spaghettini, 3. Spaghetti, 4. Spaghettoni, 5. Bucatini, 6. Bavette

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