Culurgiones, Culingionis


Other Names:
Culurgiones di Sardegna
Ogliastra, a region situated in Sardinia, Campania region of Sardinia
Made with:
Culugiones de Sardegna are a handmade ravioli or dumpling made with egg pasta with local durum wheat.The filling is commonly made with boiled potatoes, olive oil, pecorino cheese, garlic, mint, and nutmeg.  The fillings vary from region to region depending on the person baking. In the region of Ogliastra and Sadali fiscidu is added instead of cheese whereas in Barbagia the Culurgiones are packed with fresh cheese and served with pork chops and sauces. 
These are also known as Sardinian raviolo and are probably the most beautiful I have seen.  Culurgiones are disks of pasta dough, with a  potato filling with melted cheese typical of Ogliastra. One of the typical plates of the Barbagia and the Ogliastra is the culurxionis or culurgiones or culingionis, ravioli of potatoes, garlic, cheese (viscidu) and, in some zones, mint or basil, from the oblong shape to mezzaluna, sluices sealing them to the edges with the fingers, working that donates to the product the particular shape of one ear. I have seen these made on TV but never tried to make them myself, I’m afraid my fingers would get in the way.
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 Source:  Visit Sardinia

Photo Credit: Bill Rubino