Capellini Pasta

Other Names:
Capelli d´angelo (Angel Hair)
Capelvenere (Venus’ Hair)
Sopra Capellini
Liguria, Popular though out Italy. In Italy, it’s better known as Fidelini but outside of the country, it’s mostly marketed as Capellini.
Made with:
Homemade Capellini is made with eggs & durum wheat. Manufactured is made with water, salt, and durum wheat.
About: Capellini literally means “thin hair”, it is a very thin variety of Italian pasta. Like spaghetti, it is rod-shaped, in the form of long strands, and thinner than vermicelli.
Capelli d’Angelo, literally means angel hair and is an even thinner variant of Capellini.
capellini pasta


assorted long pastas

1. Cappellini, 2. Spaghettini, 3. Spaghetti, 4. Spaghettoni, 5. Bucatini, 6. Bavette

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