Capelli d’Angelo / Angel Hair

Other Names:
Angel Hair
Capelvenre (Venus’ hair)
Lazio and Liguria
Made with:
Homemade Capelli d’Angelo is made with eggs & durum wheat or water and durum wheat. Manufactured is made with water, salt, and durum wheat.
About: Capelli d’Angelo is the finest of all the long pasta’s (Pasta Lunga) and is used for light sauces made with butter, oil or cream.
Capelli d’Angelo, Angel Hair

Capelli d’Angelo, Angel Hair

assorted long pastas

1. Cappellini, 2. Spaghettini, 3. Spaghetti, 4. Spaghettoni, 5. Bucatini, 6. Bavette

Photo Credit: Bill Rubino