Agnellotti Toscani



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Available in both Lazio and Tuscany. They are also available throughout Italy under many other names.


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Agnellotti Toscani is a handmade pasta made with eggs, durum wheat, salt. The traditional filling is made with veal, brains, chard or spinach and ricotta. There are many other stuffing that are used.


The variation in Agnellotti fillings are many and they have many names throughout Italy. In Siena (totelli) they are served in broth. In Florence(tortelli di San Lorenzo), they have a potato filling. There are many other names and stuffings that are used depending of the area they are made. Like most ravioli almost everyone has there own filling recipe. In general they are served in heavier sauces such as tomato sauce, lighter fillings can call for simpler sauces such as butter and cheese or walnut sauce. They can also be seen in broths and thin soups. They should be 3 x 2.5 centimeters.

 Source: Encyclopedia of Pasta, Oretta Zanini De Vita, Univ of Calif. Press. pg 27
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